Project: Kopi Anak Monopole

Kopi Anak Monopole
Spaces / Commercial
Practicality and aesthetic all into one. A design that embodies the place: grit bestows fit.
What We Like
Black and gold nuance that’s both classy and bright. For Kopi Anak Monopole, the interior is an embodiment of its owners: Marcel and Irvan, two avid travellers. Marcel, the videographer, showed his journeys on the cafe’s walls using his works. Irvan, the coffee enthusiast, inspired us to put a kilim rug in front of the partition.
Different chairs for different crowds. Long, short, benches, dining chairs, and a communal area, Kopi Anak Monopole aims to welcome people from all walks of life. The walls are painted yellow with wall washed technique to create character and mimic the hue of gold.
Project Leader
Donny P
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