Thank you for keeping originality alive.

We encourage you taking inspirations from everywhere. Whether it’s from mother nature, books, seminars, daily life, or other people’s works; we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. As creative workers ourselves, we are open to discussions, collaborations, and other uplifting activities that can/may help other creative workers. Please, do not hesitate to contact us regarding this!

However, there is a steep difference between taking inspirations and downright plagiarizing. We ask of you to not use Kontenu’s designs, images, and copywriting without our permission. We do not give permission for anyone to use our designs, images, and copywriting anywhere, unless we have given a formal letter to do so. We condemn anyone who uses our creative property for malicious intentions and/or harm others, especially in scams (and yes, we do regard claiming Kontenu’s work as someone else’s as an act of scam).

We love a supportive community and have been doing our best to give back. Let us all do the same in sharing respect with one another.

With Respect,

Kontenu Team

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