Project: Kepengen

Objects / Exhibition / Objects
Chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac. We wanted to make a booth that translates the ‘Kepengen’ part. A booth that entices without being overtly sexual.
What We Like
It’s edgy. It’s flirty. It’s silly. It’s controversial without being too much. For a booth, it attracts all the necessary attentions.
By using bare pipe installations and moody pink neon lights, we create an edgy, flirty look that resembles underground bar vibes. The woman cutout silhouette made by neon is a play of visuals that ‘entice’. The whole thing has a silly, playful vibe to it. And that’s exactly it. By drinking Kepengen chocolate, people are expected to have fun.
Project Leader
Anette F.
Donny P.
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